Brentwood Middle School "Speak"

We always say our kids speak a different language at times. Sometimes, even our own middle school administration does! So as you prepare to be a well-informed middle school parent, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the commonly used terms around Brentwood Middle.


Agendas are given out to students the first day of school and serve as student planners. Students are expected to record daily assignments in their agendas. Parents should be sure to check this document for the Code of Conduct, demerit system, school attendance policies, and the dress code. Agendas are to be with students at all times throughout the school day.

A.I. D. (Academic Intervention Detention)

A.I.D., or Academic Intervention Detention, is a program that we have implemented at BMS to serve as a tool to help students remain accountable for their work while also providing them an opportunity for a second chance at completing work that may otherwise go missing. A.I.D. happens one day a week after school, and a student may be assigned to A.I.D. if they match one of two criterion, either missing two or more assignments in one class, or failing a class due to missing work. The student will be notified by their teacher and the parents of that student will be notified by the school.

BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)

Students will have opportunity to bring their own digital devices to school in order to facilitate their ability to communicate, collaborate, research, create, and problem-solve in new and exciting ways. Approved devices include smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPods, e-readers, and laptops. Use of the devices will be at the discretion of teachers and school administrators.

End-of-year assessments (EOY) in ELA/literacy and math

All students will take this at the end of the school year. The results will be combined with the performances based assessment to produce a student’s summative assessment score. For the end-of-year assessment, students will demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge by answering computer-based, machine-scorable questions.


This test is given to all eighth grade students in the fall as a precursor to the ACT. (If it is given this year, it will be the last of its administration due to changes with ACT testing). It is designed to help students in planning their high school courses, preparing for the ACT, and choosing a career direction. It covers English, math, science, and reading.


Focus is a dedicated study time set aside in the school day when students can work on their homework and receive help from their teachers. That is offered in sixth, seventh, and to most eighth grade students who are not taking a fifth academic class. During this time, teachers will meet with students to provide extra help to students who need an extra boost according in reading comprehension or mathematics according to STAR math and reading assessment screenings.

PARCC Assessment - (Partnership of Assessment for Readiness in College and Career)

PARCC is the assessment which will replace TCAP for Math and Langauge Arts in 2015-16. There will be Performance-Based Asessments (PBA) in ELA/literacy and mathematics in the early spring. In the language arts assessment, it will involve analyzing literature and a narrative writing task. Students will read texts and write several pieces to demonstrate they can read and understand sufficiently complex texts independently; write effectively when using and analyzing sources; and build and communicate knowledge by integrating, comparing and synthesizing ideas. In math, students will be asked to solve problems involving the key knowledge and skills for their grade level (as identified by the CCSS), express mathematical reasoning and construct a mathematical argument, and apply concepts to solve model real- world problems.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support)

PBIS is a school-wide model for common expectations of respect, responsibility and diligence. Teachers will reinforce these expectations when students demonstrate them by giving students “BMS Cash”. This school-wide behavioral intervention model provides support for student who may be struggling behaviorally or academically.


Pod is the term used to designate a location of a group of classrooms. Related Arts classes are located in the E Pod; 7th Grade is located in Pods A and B; 6th Grade is located in Pods C and D.


POGS refers to Parents of Great Students. Each semester, grade level meetings are held with the purpose of staying informed about student opportunities and activities at school. These meetings are typically held in the Brentwood Middle School Cafeteria or in the BMS Theater.


Parents Supporting Students Taking A Right Stand is the official name of the parent advocate group for STARS. They initiate and facilitate parent book club meetings and other parenting seminars on the topics of supporting students in anti- bullying, drug and alcohol prevention, social media, and digital citizenship. They also provide a great sense of community.

Related Arts

Related Arts classes are enrichment classes that are offered to all grade levels at Brentwood Middle. Students typically rotate through classes on a nine week basis. Courses included in enrichment include: Drama, Physical Education, Spanish, Media, Art, Chorus, Music, Elevate and Study Skills. Students that take Band will not take part in the rotation of other related arts classes.


The state of Tennessee has changed its method for screening and providing additional supports in the general education setting while it is also the method for identifying students for special education. Brentwood Middle School will operate under the Response To Intervention model to identify students who need additional assistance in the areas of math, reading, and writing. All students begin in TIER I. TIER I is the instruction that students receive in their core classes of math, language arts, science, and social studies. Based on the criteria for entrance into TIER 2 and utilizing current STAR math and reading testing and TCAP testing from the previous year and identification by the RTI team, students will be placed in TIER 2. TIER 2 is an additional set of general education instruction in the areas of math and/or reading. TIER 2 instruction will be administered during the related arts periods. TIER 3 is the most intensive general education intervention in the areas of reading, math, or writing. Only students identified by the RTI team based on TIER 3 criteria will have TIER 3 instruction. If a student does not respond to TIER 2 and TIER 3 instruction, then they will be screened and/ or referred for special education with their parental consent.


Socials refer to after-school activities that are held for each grade level throughout the year. These are typically sponsored by the PTO.


The School Resource Officer at Brentwood Middle provides a comforting level of security throughout the BMS campus.


STARS is the acronym for Students Taking a Right Stand. This school-based assistance program helps schools tackle tough issues that threaten the emotional, psychological, and academic well-being of each student. Through assemblies, classroom presentations and group/individual counseling sessions, STARS assists schools in preventing and confronting these very difficult challenges.


Sixth and seventh grades are divided into segments called teams. The team teaching concept allows for our teachers to better organize and monitor students. It also gives students an opportunity to have more individualized attention and interaction with teachers and students.


VAC stands for Viking Athletic Club. The purpose of VAC is to support fundraising for all sports. The VAC promotes student participation, school spirit and commitment to Brentwood Middle School athletics.

Vikings of the Month

Each month BMS recognizes two students from each team who stand up for their beliefs, act responsibly, use self-control, and treat others with respect and kindness.


Viking News Network is the name given to a program that students see each week. The segments showcase student talents and achievements, school procedures, and local and national news. The pieces are recorded and edited by advanced students from the Broadcast class.

5th Academic

5th Academic refers to the elective choice that is given to eighth grade students. At the eighth grade level students can elect to take Chinese I, Spanish I, Jazz Band, French I, Latin I, or German I as an academic class. These classes depend on meeting prerequisite language arts TCAP scores and available seats at Brentwood High School.

21CSA (21st Century Skills Assessment)

The 21st Century Skills Assessment is a computerized test given to all 8th grade students throughout Williamson County Schools. The test covers technology-related areas such as: creativity and innovation; communication and collaboration; research and information fluency; critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making; digital citizenship; and technology operations and concepts. Students passing the assessment will have met the high school technology requirement for graduation. 


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